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Preventative Dentistry

An evaluation and recording of the condition of the teeth, mouth and associated structures. Periodic examinations allow us to monitor any changes in the oral health of our patients. This often involves intraoral photographs being taken of the teeth to assist with monitoring. 

Scale & Clean:

Removal of buildup from the surfaces of teeth. This can be performed by using hand instruments and/or an ultrasonic handpiece with water. After hard calculus is removed, we then polish the teeth with a soft rubber cup containing a de-sensitising paste that also helps to remove surface staining. 

Periodontal Treatment: 

Periodontal disease is a serious gum infection that damages gums and can destroy the jawbone. Periodontitis is common but fairly preventable. The cause is usually poor oral hygiene. Periodontitis can lead to tooth loss and is a risk factor for heart and lung diseases. Damage from periodontal disease is irreversible but with regular treatments, further bone loss can be prevented. 


Digital radiographs taken with a film inside the mouth or with an X-ray unit outside of the mouth. These are used for diagnosing areas that are not visible otherwise, for example in between teeth, under old fillings and under the gum and roots of the teeth including possible infection/abnormalities within the bone. 


Using models prepared from an impression or scan of the teeth, a mouthguard is made to wear during contact sports to prevent major damage to the teeth and jaw in the case of facial trauma. 


An removable appliance custom made to fit over the upper or the lower teeth. It is used to assist in preventing wear of teeth and relieving jaw pain in patients who grind or clench. 

Fissure Sealants: 

Fissure sealants are a preventative treatment. They reduce risk of possible decay in areas that may be hard to reach with standard oral hygiene care at home. Usually placed in deep grooves once adult molar teeth have fully erupted in children.

Children's Dentistry:

Our dentists here at Wagner Dental are all parents themselves and can relate to your child's needs and concerns about their visits to the dentist. We pride ourselves on putting your children first and make sure they enjoy their experience. Scope of treatments include check ups, fillings, fissure sealants, mouth guards and extractions. 
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